We Want You!

Durham, NC
Are You The RIGHT Manager?

The title is manager and you will be appointed to this role, but what are we really looking for? Being appointed manager doesn’t make you a leader and a leader is what is needed. Someone who knows when to be tough and when to be empathetic. We want to work with someone who is amazing at building relationship. We will work along side you to support you with ideas and tools to help make your team successful. We are a high performing team looking for an ambitious person who constantly develops themselves and values their team’s success over personal success knowing that their success is a byproduct of their teams’ success. Sales is a big part of driving the team’s success. Don’t worry about the technical, if you are willing to learn we can teach.

Daily activities: 1. On a daily basis you will want to interact with your team members seeing how they are doing, asking how you can help and then supporting them with their needs (we teach/support you on how to do this). 2. There are some administrative duties, reviewing key performance indicators, invoice review for coaching, and being a part of leadership teams strategizing ways to move your team forward. 3. You will work closely with recruiting and the apprenticeship to bring in the right people that will continue to make the company great!

Requirements: Management experience and experience being apart of successful teams in the past. If you have been described as consistent this is a huge asset in this role. Get along great with others and look for the good in people. Courage to stand up for standards, must be understanding and tough. Openminded and willing to learn (we have great training programs). Honest and Willing. Must be responsible and take ownership.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, the the time is NOW.